All I've done is changed the initiation and changed how old you have to be to get in. Edit

Initiation Part One Edit

For initiation fourty students are selected to go through initiation and twenty students will be allowed into the Gauntlet two weeks later, all the same rules apply from the original initiation. Edit

Initiation Part Two The Gauntlet Edit

The Gauntlet is a live event were you and your team go into a simulation chamber and test your skills in a random mission that could happen as a hunter. You must try your best because you team can be selected by one of the many powerful hunters there to be taught by them outside of class, if your not selected you probably have to leave and try again next year but there have been teams who've been able to get through school to graduate without a hunters help for example team STRQ. Edit

Entrance Age Edit

The entrance age is 17-21 giving you four chances to try and complete Initiation exeptions are people like Ruby and Ivory who were allowed to try to get through Initiation because of there skill. Edit