General Info: Nathan Luna from A Champions Choice Edit

Name: Nathan Luna

Hunter Title: Lunar Demon

Gender: Male

Race: Faunus

Type: Owl and Monkey

Age: 34

Handedness: Right

Height: 6'2"

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Amber

Aura Color: Light-blue


Armor: None

Semblance: Moon Soaking

Quirk: Future Ghost

Semblance and Quirk: Edit

Semblance: Standing in direct moon light boosts his aura and strength depending on the moon phase full moon being his strongest.

Quirk: Leaves a clone that makes him look like he's about to attack before he actually does.

Personal Info: Edit


Parents: Soul Luna, Status: Active Lilia Luna, Status: Active

Siblings: Abby Scarlet, Status: Active

Other Relations: Volt Scarlet, Status: Active Erin Scarlet, Status: Active Classified

Occupation: Combat Instructor Substitute at Sanctum, Ozpins Group

Affiliation: Sanctum, Haven Academy, Ozpins Group

Emblem: Edit

A blue monkey siting in front of the moon.

Looks: Edit

Hair: Short

Complexion: Tanned white

Tattoo: Has his emblem tattooed on his right arm.

Battle Clothing: Edit

Head: Nothing

Torso: Nothing

Arms: Nothing

Legs: Blue cargo pants with a brown belt.