General Info: Kurējī Torchwick from A River Lilies Journey Edit

Name: Kurējī Torchwick

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 25

Handedness: Right

Height: 6'0"

Hair Color: Red and Pink

Eye Color: Green

Aura Color: Pink

Weapon: Joō and Kingu

Armor: None

Semblance: Luck in The Chamber

Quirk: Classified

Semblance and Quirk: Edit

Semblance: Can make Queen and Kings bullets do random amounts of damage each shot always does more damage then her normal ammunition while active.

Quirk: Classified

Personal Info: Edit


Parents: None

Siblings: Romania Torchwick, Status: Active

Other Relations: None

Occupation: Wanted Criminal

Affiliation: The Mistral Underground and Wilde Blume