General Info: Kana River from A River Lilies Journey Edit

Name: Kana River/Soul Slicer and Dragon Slayer

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus Weapon

Type: Dragon

Age: 21

Handedness: Left

Height: 6'3"

Hair Color: White and red

Eye Color: Lilac

Aura Color: Light-blue

Weapon: None

Armor: None

Personal Info: Edit


Parents: Unknown, Status Deceased

Siblings: None

Other Relations: None

Occupation: River Lily Arc's Weapon

Affiliation: None

Emblem: Edit

A dragon with a narwhal horn.

Looks: Edit

Hair syle: Short and wavy

Complexion: Tanned white

Horn: Like a shorter version of a narwhal

Battle Clothing: None she doesn't really fight at all unless she's in her weapon form. Edit