This is the History and Lore of the world. Edit

The Great War Edit

My version of the war is basicaly The Great War and The Faunus Rights Revolution combined. The Great War pretty much starts the same and stays the same way except the end of the war, but it also starts because of Vales and Vacuos support of Faunus, HW and FW. The war ended when the Grimm Dragon appeared and The King of Vale and the leader of The Knights of Remnant worked together to kill the Grimm Dragon and they succeeded, this is also the Knights first big accomplishment as the protecters of Remnant.

The Maidens Edit

They don't exist.

The Traveler Edit

Not much is known about The Traveler or where it came from but we do know its the reason aura and quirks exists. The Traveler is located in the center of the four main continents.

The Four Relics Edit

The Four Relics i wonder what they do.

Golden Eyed Wariors Edit

Classified you can tell who's one of the wariors if they have another eye color for example, (i'll use red as part of the example) red and gold swirl, a red eye and a gold eye, red with gold specs and a few more.