These are the different Factions of the world Edit

The Grimm Claw Edit

The Grimm Claw are the cliche faction they want to wipe all things living off of Remnant accept for the Grimm they worship Grimm they only eat Grimm theres even been members who've tried to sleep with Grimm (not sexually) its pretty obvious that those people are idiots, anyways there not really to much of a threat right now all they've done is kidnaped a few people nothing drastic.

The Red Hand Edit

The Red Hand is a organization of humans who want to kill all Faunus, Faunus Weapons And Human Weapons. There responsible for multiple Faunus, FW and HW assaults, kidnapings and murders but no one knows who any of the members are or who there leader is.

The Torchwicks Edit

The Torchwicks lead by Romania Torchwick and Torch is one of biggest criminal organizations in the world being stationed in Vale lead by Romania and in Mistral lead by Torch. There responsible for, breaking and entering, theft and murder, the killings usually seem to be in self defense or if its absolutely necessary to.

The White Fang Edit

The White Fang is a terriost organization composed of faunus, HW and FW wanting to kill all humans, they used to be peaceful until there original leader Ghira Belladonna stepped down from power and a new leader changed there way of thinking. there responsbile for multiple attacks against the SDC, terriost attacks and muiltiple kidnapings for unknown reasons.

The Knights of Remnant Edit

The Knights of Remnant are the protecters of Remnant they're some of the best hunters in the world they hold no allegiance to any of the kingdoms. They mostly do the work normal hunters can't handle, There responsible for ending the Great War and killing the first Grimm Dragon during the war. there also one of two factions with access to Dragon Dust.

Ozpins Group Edit

This faction is small part of the Knights they don't do much combat but they help gather information on the enemy and Grimm that the world knows nothing about. are responsible for helping the Knights stop muiltiple threats to humanity.

Classified Edit

This faction does not exists yet.

Classified Edit

This faction is a unknown