General Info: David Nikos from A Champions Choice Edit

Name: David Nikos

Hunter Title: Rhino

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 40

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Height: 6'8"

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Yellow

Aura Color: Red

Weapon: Piston Arms

Armor: Rhino Helm

Semblance: Speed

Quirk: Strong Head

Semblance and Quirk: Edit

Semblance: Can focus Aura to certain parts of his body to make them move faster.

Quirk: His head is extremely strong good for head butting enemies.

Personal Info: Edit


Wife: Silvia Nikos, Status: Active

Parents: None

Siblings: None

Other Relations: Pyrrha Nikos, Status: Active

Occupation: Hunter, Ozpins Group

Affiliation: Ozpins Group

Emblem: Edit

A red rhino

Looks: Edit

Hair Style: Short

Complexion: Dark

Battle Clothing: Edit

Head: The Rhino Helm

Torso: Usually just wears a regular shirt.

Arms: His Piston Arms

Legs: Black cargo pants with a red belt.