General Info: Angel Schnee from A River Lilies Journey Edit

Name: Angel Schnee

Hunter Title: Angel of Ice

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 34

Handedness: Left

Height: 6'4"

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Light-blue

Aura Color: White

Weapon: Ice Bringer

Armor: None

Semblance: Glyphs

Quirk: Angel

Semblance and Quirk: Edit

Semblance: The Schnee semblance

Quirk: Can sprout white wings made of ice to fly.

Personal Info: Edit


Husband: Jacques Schnee, Status: Active

Parents: Nicholas Schnee, Status: Deceased

Siblings: None

Other Relations: Winter Schnee, Status: Active Weiss Schnee, Status: Active Whitley Schnee, Status: Active

Occupation: SDC, Ozpins Group

Affiliation: SDC, Ozpins Group

Emblem: Edit

The Schnee Crest with white wings coming out of it.

Looks: Edit

Hair: Long and straight

Complexion: Pale White

Battle Clothing: Edit

Head: A silver circlet

Torso: A white strapless dress so she can use her quirk easily.

Arms: Nothing

Legs: White, wedged heeled boots.