General Info: Adrian Lionheart from A River Lilies Journey Edit

Name: Adrian Lionheart

Hunter Title: Cowardly Lion

Gender: Male

Race: Faunus

Type: Lion

Age: 45

Handedness: Right

Height: 7'0"

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Gold

Aura Color: Yellow

Weapon: The Lions Jaw

Armor: Lions Chest

Semblance: Lion Call

Quirk: Fuse

Semblance and Quirk: Edit

Semblance: Can call allies to his aid.

Quirk: Can Fuse with another person to make a being with a combination of there semblances and a special weapon unique to them.

Personal Info: Edit


Parents: None

Siblings: None

Other Relations: None

Occupation: Haven Academy Headmaster, Ozpins Group

Affiliation: Haven Academy, Ozpins Group

Emblem: Edit

A gold lion with is mouth open like its roaring.

Looks: Edit

Hair: Short

Beard: Like Ghiras

Complexion: Tanned white

Battle Clothing: Edit

Head: Nothing

Torso: A open brown and gold coat with yellow fur trim a magnetic plate for The Lions Claws on his back and a grey and gold chest-plate with his emblem on the center called Lions Chest.

Arms: Nothing

Legs: Grey pants and silver boots